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From small businesses to multinational corporations, Complete Contract Consulting secures government contracts with a 98.5% success rate.


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Who We Serve


Accounting Firms

Over 30% of the small business contracts set aside by the government each year go towards financial services and auditors. CCC helps accounting and auditing firms to identify government contract opportunities, obtain all the necessary registration and certification, and write winning proposals designed to fit every government requirement. With our help, accounting and auditing firms can tap into new revenue streams through government contracting work.



Government contracts provide a reliable job source and a guaranteed source of income for transportation companies. Both state and federal governments use transportation contracting to fill needs for hauling vital supplies, specialty items, and much more. CCC brings a solid understanding of the procedures and terminology that government agencies in the transportation space look for in a proposal. Our specialists will work to source the right bid, win the contract, and help clients handle all of the certifications and requirements in between.



Government grants and contracts can be a major source of both funding and revenue for many nonprofit organizations. Adherence to government guidelines and regulations is a major part of earning and maintaining this funding on both the state and federal level. CCC specializes in both grant and proposal writing to help nonprofit organizations both to earn new grants or contracts and continually renew existing grants and contracts. Our expert team will even help you maintain and secure the required certifications for each contract.


Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses

Each year, the government spends hundreds of billions of dollars in contracts with businesses across the United States. With over 20% of these contracts set aside each year for small- and medium-sized businesses, state and federal governments provide an opportunity for business owners to receive steady, dependable income and work. CCC helps clients to meet all the certification and diversity standards required by government agencies. Our proposal specialists will also craft and submit a contract-winning proposal.


Waste Management

Local, state, and federal governments all benefit from collaborations with waste management providers. Securing a government contract will provide consistent work for waste management companies, along with a steady, reliable revenue stream for years to come. Our combined industry experience in writing proposals to win contracts for our clients. Clients can bring in desired bid requests, or allow our team to procure the ideal contract for which you can submit a proposal.



Government certifications and registrations are an important part of obtaining government contracts for companies in the construction industry. CCC specializes in completing and submitting certification applications for clients with government agencies. Our experienced team will also write and submit winning government proposals on your behalf. Our specialists know the intricacies of government contracts and are prepared to help every client get a contract award from both state and federal agencies.

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