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From small businesses to multinational corporations, Complete Contract Consulting secures government contracts with a 98.5% success rate.


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Our Team

Since 2015, Complete Contract Consulting has leveraged over thirty years of combined experience to win government contracts through our bid proposal writing services, certification assistance, permitting & licensing, and compliance-related document management. Moreover, our highly competitive salary rates and benefits packages make our employee motivation and retention among the best in the industry. Our team currently has over 300 members spread across our five offices.


The CCC Difference

Depth of Expertise

Our team brings our decades of experience working with government agencies and also writing and securing government contracts for our clients. With this in mind, you can be sure that our team is crafting the ideal proposal to land the contract that you want. We don’t get paid unless you are awarded a contract!

A Dedicated Team

Because of the competitive pay and excellent benefits that our organization provides, our team is made up of the very best individuals in the contract consulting and call center industries. Our high retention rate enables us to build on our expertise inside the organization to better serve our clients.

Committed to Our Clients

We are committed to providing top-tier service for each of our clients as we create a tailored proposal that best showcases your firm’s unique capabilities to potential government clients. Our team works with you throughout the process to ensure that every relevant aspect of your firm is analyzed and covered during the proposal creation process.

A Holistic Approach

Our firm is proud to serve both our communities and our clients by bringing them together in a way that maximizes both productivity and effectiveness. We strive to provide the ideal match between government agencies and contract-seekers that takes into account all facets of both, to ensure a long and fruitful partnership for both parties.


Sharna Barnes


Sharna boasts a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Portsmouth, as well as a Department of Transportation Construction Management Development Certification. She is also certified in Project Management and Professional Human Resources.

Jacques Joseph

Vice President

Since 2019, Jacques has served as CCC’s Vice President of Business Development. Jacques is bilingual (Haitian Creole/English) and brings his 14 years of sales and target marketing experience to the firm.
Jacques boasts a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked independently as a Contractor for many leading service providers, including DISH Network and DirecTV.

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