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From small businesses to multinational corporations, Complete Contract Consulting secures government contracts with a 98.5% success rate.


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Proposal Writing & Presentation Services

Writing a bid proposal can take up a large amount of time, often consuming weeks and sometimes even months. Outsourcing it to a proposal writing service will increase your chance of winning a bid, as well as freeing up valuable time. Our team of writers have over thirty years of experience in winning government contracts in a number of different sectors. We can help in aiding with business development objectives and provide you with an external point of view of the proposal, increasing your chances of landing the contract that you want.

Landing a proposal presentation is an exciting, but still nerve-wracking step in the proposal process. Simply knowing the subject matter of the presentation isn’t quite enough to win your business a contract. Complete Contract Consulting is here to help your business every step of the way, from the presentation length, content, media, theme, organizing, and even delivery.


Call Center Services

We have over 150 experienced agents serving clients worldwide providing call center services in a variety of languages such as Spanish, Haitian Creole, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, and more. Our reliable call center experts provide customer service through various methods such as phone, email, social, SMS/ chat, mobile, and video to reach your potential clients and address certain issues. Choosing to use a call center helps reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, boost sales, and give your business a competitive advantage.


Subcontractor Vendor Management & Reporting

Our subcontractor management and reporting system helps simplify the management process and strengthen the relationship between prime contractors and subcontractors. Our services result in streamlined subcontracting processes, consistent compliance adherence, and deeper visibility. This gives your team more time to focus on the things that really matter, like project execution, growth, and innovation.


Foreign Language Interpretation

Our professional and qualified interpreters provide 24/7 complete language translation through phone, written, in-person, and video conferencing translation, along with American sign language services. Our interpreters not only translate the words but also illuminate the emotion and latent meanings behind those words. With our team offering over 350 language translations over the phone, our interpreter services help your business reach international customers and make meaningful connections with your clients.

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