At Complete Contract Consulting, our goal is to help you become officially affiliated with a government agency of your choosing. We do this by providing all forms of government assistance to businesses worldwide.

We also offer the opportunity to become the “final check-point” for businesses who will be submitting a proposal to a government agency. If you have already identified a bid request and have written a proposal to be submitted to a government agency, we offer a checkpoint service, where we will review your proposal and the bid packet in its entirety to ensure there are no missing information and to add any value added points before it reaches to the respective government agency.

Here are a list of the other services we offer:

Vendor Management

Proposal Writing

Foreign Language Interpretation

Subcontractor Vendor Management, Utilization Reporting & Outreach

Going after a bid that has an Equal Opportunity Goal Setting and need to find certified contractors? Won a bid and now need to provide utilization reporting to the government agency to ensure you’re meeting the S/M/W/DBE goal? Need to make a subcontractor participation goal change?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you are at the right place!

Whether you’re going after a construction bid, airport concession, solid waste management or anything in between, Complete Contract Consulting will conduct various outreach opportunities to match your firm with the right subcontractor (our Prime to Subcontractor Guarantee). We will ensure that the subcontractor is a certified S/M/W/DBE firm and provide validation for their documents and once you win that bid, we will ensure you never lose it by providing utilization reporting services so you will ALWAYS be in compliance.

Contract Sourcing

If you desire to bid on a government contract but are unaware of the resources to accomplish this, Complete Contract Consulting can conduct the search on your behalf. Our team will search the websites of various government agencies where they submit bid requests, whether it is the local, county, state or federal government.

We will do extensive research to match the business owner with the government bid request for the product or service that the business owner provides.

What set us apart from a bid sourcing digital software is that our bid searching services are done by HUMANS! You will not receive a bunch of bid notifications from algorithms and keywords but rather you will have your own personal Acquisition Agent that is manually searching the bid for you, pre-reading the bid prior to sending it to you, in order to ensure that you can actually go after the bid.

Your Acquisition Agent ensures the bid is within your geographic location or work limit, ensure you meet the minimum qualification (we will provide subcontracting option if required), ensure you meet the bonding and insurance capacity if required, determine your profit margin for the bid and many more. You get all this in an outline format (3 page maximum) so that you don’t have to read through the hundreds of pages on the bid.

Our Contract Sourcing service GUARANTEES that any bid sent to you has a 99.9% chance of being able to be pursued. So stop paying for algorithms and keywords and get “hands-on solution”

Bid Proposal Writing

Some clients already have a bid request that they want to submit a proposal for. Should that be the case, we can meet with you, go over your current services or product being offered, and design a proposal to submit to the requesting government agency.

This includes preparing the entire bid packet and shipping or delivering it to the government agency and with our “Deferred Payment” option working with us can be a risk-free investment.

Grant Writing

Whether you are an educational institution seeking a grant for low income academic students (Title 1); a non-profit seeking to apply for your first grant or apply for a renewal grant with a government agency or if you are a government agency seeking to apply for your State or Federal grant we are here to help.

We have a team of certified and experience Grant Writers who are expert in content creation and proof reading. We can assist you in building out your program(s) for your non-profit. We have secured over $500M in grant funding for our clients!

When you have secured the grant we will still be here, to assist with your reporting and auditing needs to ensure your proposal is approved year after year and that grant funding never stops!

We also assist with grant searching too! 

If you’ve just been approved your 501C3 but not sure what’s the next steps. Just give us a call, we will get you up and running and money flowing into your business!

Government Certification Assistance

There are certain clients that wish to apply for different government certifications. If you happen to be one of those, we can complete the entire application on your behalf and submit it to the government agency. We provide the following “hands-on” certifications for:

  • Small Business Enterprise
  • Women-Owned Business
  • Disadvantage Business Enterprise
  • Airport Concession Disadvantage Business Enterprise
  • Veteran Business Enterprise
  • Minority-Owned Business
  • Federal 8(a) Certifications
  • HUBZONE Program Certification

Bid Proposal – Verbal Presentation Assistance & Training

When a government agency personnel notify you that they would like your company to make an oral presentation, it’s a very good thing. It either means that you submitted a proposal in response to a request for proposal (negotiated procurement) and you are a finalist for the procurement, or you’re being asked for an oral proposal (no written proposal) under Federal Acquisition Regulation.

We want to help you when this happens by providing the following services:

  • Assisting in selecting the Presenter(s)
  • Determine the presentation length
  • Developing the content for the presentation
  • Constructing any media particulars that maybe needed for instance (videos, listening materials, brochures etc).

Contract & Negotiation Services

 When it comes to lowering costs, driving business, and developing category management strategies, companies need an effective market research team to navigate the supply chain landscape and present the facts. Complete Contract Consulting has negotiated hundreds of contracts and has maintained a repository of contract terms, conditions and price points that can be used to quickly obtain savings for our clients. Our database of rates, contracts and terms assists us in quickly obtaining substantial results in negotiating new contracts for our clients. negotiations are methodical and backed by data.

Complete Contract Consulting has the market intelligence necessary to make smart supply chain negotiations possible. Our years of implementing strategic sourcing best practices for top firms, coupled with our proprietary contract database and team of market research experts, provides our clients real-time insight into the competition, supply trends, contract terms, price points, and the supplier community.

We’ll remove the guess work from your next procurement investment to help your company remain competitive and negotiate cost savings.

Our experience Contract Administrators has negotiated hundreds of client’s contracts ranging from:

  • IT Managed Services or software agreements
  • Construction Estimating
  • Approved Product Manufacturing

Interpreter Services

Our professional and qualified interpreters not only render the words of one language into another, but also illuminate the feelings behind those words. At Complete Contract Consulting, those are the only kinds of interpreters you’ll get, whether you’re in Austria, France, China, Zambia or any point in between. We provide interpreters when and where our clients need them in various languages and dialects, including American Sign Language. Whether you’re conducting a seminar, meeting, deposition, medical examination or sensitive business negotiation, we have an interpreter who meets your language and subject needs.

Our firm has provided translation and interpretation services nationwide and internationally in 35 languages including the American Sign Language. We currently provide 365 days, 24 hours complete language telephone translation services. Our firm also provide written translation services, in person translation services, video conferencing   translation services and American sign language services. Telephone translation services are offered in 350 languages and is provided in our call center located at our headquarters in Riviera Beach, FL USA.

Government Procurement Training

(Government Contracting Classroom

Complete Contract Consulting courses are designed to help prospective and existing small businesses understand the basics about contracting with different government agencies. We meet with each government agency to understand their contracting process and then design specific training programs that is in line with their procurement process and a program that addresses any need they may have.

Government Contract 101

Understanding the bid packet, how to create an outline of the bid, how to ensure you proposal is deemed responsive, understanding what is “regular bid content”, what is the “cone of silence”, how to search for contracts for your business and pitfalls to avoid.

During this training course attendees can bring any bid proposal that they might be interested in applying for and we will conduct free one-on-one sessions to assist in dissecting the bid packet. 

Proposal Writing

How to write an effective proposal, what are the keywords or phrases to avoid, how to beat your competition and how to take advantage of goal setting on a bid, selecting the right sub-contractor.

During this training course each attendee will have an opportunity for one of our Proposal Writers to assist in developing a general template proposal that can be utilized to apply to future bids.

The Contract Aftermath

How to request a follow up meeting with the agency after not been selected, how to appeal a non-selective decision and ways to determine where you went wrong,

Each government agency has their own training schedule that we design for their registered vendors.

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