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Our Team

We are Government Relations Experts!

Sharna Barnes

CEO / Lead Trainer/ Senior Proposal Manager

Ms. Barnes started Complete Contract Consulting after resigning from the public-sector procurement department in 2015. For many years she would receive hundreds of bid responses from small business owners that would make repetitive mistakes that showed they needed guidance, so upon resigning, Ms. Barnes decided that she will provide this guidance through hands-on help.

Ms. Barnes has over 10 years of government relations experience, 4 of which was in the procurement division, she boasts a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is the 2018 winner of Legacy Magazine under 50 Most Influential Business Professional. Sharna is also a certified Human Resources Professional and a certified Teacher.

Ms. Barnes has developed in-debt knowledge of what each municipality’s procurement issues are and the contractors they are currently seeking. She understands the challenges the municipality faces in getting qualified contractors and of such she uses this inside knowledge to assist her clients in becoming structured in a way that will cause them to be awarded contracts and to customize the training effectively to benefit both parties involved, which includes the small business owners and the government agency.

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Kwankila Corbin

Acquisition Manager / Training Facilitator

Ms. Corbin ideal purpose at Complete Contract Consulting is to secure contracts for our clients. She negotiates, seeks out, finalizes, and organizes client government agreements. This ranges from attending various government negotiation meetings, reviewing scope of work or sample contracts received from various government agencies so as to ensure our client's best interest is at hand. She also meets with the potential client so as to identify the need for Complete Contract Consulting to become an integral part of the business owner’s life. She boasts a Bachelor Degree in Social Human Sciences which proves to be vital in her negotiating and persuading skills.

Ms. Corbin is also responsible in providing oral presentation bid training, along with Ms. Reece for the clients that requires this as a part of their bid response process. She also assists Ms. Reece in facilitating the various procurement training that Complete Contract Consulting offers.

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Spencer Holmes

Managing Director

Mr. Holmes is responsible for the daily operation of Complete Contract Consulting and manages the entire team of which he reports directly to the CEO. He has over 10 years of experience in financial management, and has led several successful businesses of which he has later sold once it became profitable. Mr. Holmes boasts a Bachelor Degree in Education with a concentration in Sports Management and a minor in Business Management.

Having worked in the financial/banking industry for many years Mr. Holmes provides unique and out of the box ideas in ensuring each one of our clients' business reaches its full potential financial goal. He provides great investment and money management insight and collaborates with various organizations as a Mentor – Protégé.

Email: [email protected]

Olica Alexis

Office Manager

Ms. Alexis is responsible for maintaining office services by organizing the office operations and procedures. She is the first point of contact for the company's visiting clients and ensure each client is greeted properly and handled professionally.  

She ensure proper documentation is received from our clients in processing their government certification application and ensure each clients certification never expires.

Ms. Alexis boasts an Associate Degree in Office Management and is a Certified Administrative Professional. She assists the Managers and CEO in scheduling meetings and travel arrangements.

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